Beef Marketing

Our Sales Team is located in Amarillo. We work diligently at adding value! Our beef and offal products are beef-marketing1marketed both nationally and internationally. We have several unique product lines. Product quality and service is our top priority. Our products are marketed extensively to national foodservice, retail and further processing customers.

We also market a large portion of our ground beef to the USDA, AMS, Federal School Lunch Program. They are known for having the highest food safety standards in the industry.

Please call if your company has an interest in our products. Once real potential is established, we can send you a more detailed product list and price quotes.


Director of Sales – Brian McGee
Retail/FS Account Manager – Bob Cota
Boneless Trim Manager – Jim Pickman
Boneless Trim Prod. Planner – Jeff Wyrick
Utility Box Beef Manager – Matt Dahlberg
Fed Program Specialist – Dave Butler
Box Beef Associate – Daniel Guadian
Amarillo Main Line: 806-372-5781

Regional Sales Manager, Idaho – Jim Crane, Direct: 208-810-7515
Sales Associate, Idaho – Cameron Figone, Direct: 208-810-7532
Idaho Main Line: 208-810-7510